An Easy Way to Fill the Online Lead Pipeline That Nobody Does

Importance of Lead Validation Study

by SEO marketing services company Straight North.

In lead generation marketing, it’s often the simple things that get overlooked, the simple things that make the biggest difference.

Here’s an important example. Ninety-five percent of companies running lead generation marketing campaigns such as SEO and PPC track website conversions (form submissions usually and phone conversions hopefully). They use this conversion data to determine how well their campaigns are doing, and also to run A/B tests to improve keyword selection, offers and other variables.

What these companies probably don’t realize is that their conversion data is off the mark by a factor of about 50 percent, so their decisions are very flawed. Why? Because about half of all conversions are something other than sales leads.

By implementing lead validation, this serious problem can be corrected. Lead validation is a process of separating true sales leads from non-lead conversions, accomplished by listening to recordings of phone inquiries and reading all website form submissions.
It takes time, but wow, is it worth it. For a thorough understanding of lead validation, read our in-depth presentation now. Aaron Wittersheim is a partner and Chief Operating Officer at Internet marketing agency Straight North. The agency specializes in lead generation marketing for middle-market and large organizations.

8 Ways to Hack With SellHack

1. Hack Your Industry Conference

Ever go to a conference where they give you a list of attendees but no contact info? Or worse yet, did they give you a list of companies and people’s titles from the companies then try to sell you the contact info for more than you spent on the conference in the first place? If you have a list of attendees, you can upload the list here to automatically find all the valid email addresses.

2. Mine Twitter for Leads

Most people stick to LinkedIn for prospect list building, but our most creative customers are starting to use Twitter as a place to find fresh leads. You can search twitter and build a list of prospects by going here . Pro Tip: Have a conference or event coming up that you may or may not attend? You can search the #hashtag, build a list of people who are using the #hashtag and email them without ever having to set up a booth or scan badges.

3. Clean Up Your CRM

Ever caught yourself saying something like: “the data in our CRM is old”, “this phone number doesn’t work” “the company got acquired” or “I just called someone who’s been retired for a year.” CRM contact data decays somewhere in the vicinity of 2.8% to 5.5% per month. You can upload your CRM contact data to SellHack. We’ll automatically 1) find email addresses if they are missing for a contact and 2) verify all existing email addresses you have on file. 

4. Test a New Market

Have a hunch about a new market segment that would be perfect to sell in to but you don’t know where to get started? Go build a new prospect list in List Builder then write an email with a simple/low-commitment Call To Action while we automatically find all the email addresses. Then send individual emails or use a marketing automation tool like If you don’t hear back after your first email, keep following up with the prospect every few days.

5. (re)Segment Your Prospect List

Do all of your prospecting emails have the same value proposition or Call To Action? Think about the company where you work for a minute. Does the CEO have the same concerns or motivations as an Account Executive or even a VP of Marketing? Probably not. So why are you emailing the same thing to all of these people. Re-segment your prospect lists to get really granular on the target company and job title profile you are targeting. Figure out what scares each prospect group, create custom emails for each, and watch your response rate increase.

6. Automate Your Email Verification

If your business is expanding and it’s time to step increase the number of prospects or leads you produce on a weekly basis, it’s time to look at List Builder or our Batch Upload. Need more help? Send us a note if you want to learn more about our custom list building service. ps – we even help some clients write, send, optimize and track their emails.

7. Look For a New Job

Earlier in my career, my job search process looked like this. 1) Find a job posting that looked promising. 2) Search for the Executive or Manager in the group you’d be reporting in to. 3) Research the company, position, and come up with a creative solution to present. 4) Find the execs contact info, tease them into a meeting where you can present the work you’ve done and like a rockstar for taking the initiative. Don’t do what everyone else is doing unless you like being average.  So, if you are bored in your current job, you can use SellHack to find the email addresses for hiring managers.  Happy Hacking!

8. Never Pay For SellHack Again

There are SellHackers out there who pay us $0 a month and have over 500 free emails a month. Want more emails for free? Refer your colleagues today!