‘We’re baaaaaack!’

So, this whole ordeal with LinkedIn may end up being a blessing in disguise. We got to meet some really interesting folks who used or want to use our technology. The legal team at LinkedIn was cordial, professional and were quick to re-activate my personal/professional member account after we complied with their requests.
Before getting shut down, our costs were growing day by day and we were going back and forth trying to sort out a pricing model so we could at least cover our costs. We spent that last few weeks focusing on what we did really well (verify emails) and how we can get the basic functionality back into the hands of people who need it to do their jobs better.

Everyone will have a free account on SellHack which has a limited number of email verification credits. We priced our service starting at effectively 2 Lattes per month to make sure that everyone had fair access to a service depending on their monthly needs.

We had to make a few changes to the workflow and I PROMISE, this is just the beginning of a much more robust product. Our API will be ready this week, so drop us an email if you want access. We have a solid product development plan, but if there is functionality you can’t live without, please let us know.

Email verification by SellHack is open for business.

– Cheers,

SellHack Team