Why We Built SellHack

SellHack started as an internal email finder tool for us to use when prospecting. As a sales professional, I know the value of a warm intro and the opportunity cost of a non-connect. A non-connect happens when you do nothing more but make note of a decision maker’s Social Profiles profile since you don’t have a credible mutual connection for an intro. Sure a cold Social Profile connection request could work, but what happens after you get the notification that Mr. or Mrs. prospect just accepted your request? Do you send them a message through Social Profiles? What happens if they don’t respond? How do you know if they even received the message or if it’s lost in the cluttered Social Profilesinbox? Even worse, what if your request is ignored? Either way, your leverage is gone.

There is a ton of information, a burgeoning conference scene, and many tools in the Biz Dev playbook that help with moving a prospect through the funnel, but getting to the person’s inbox is a challenge. Social Profiles specifically does not opine the email address of their members unless you are connected. Even then, my network profile observations suggest that a lot of emails listed are actually the member’s personal email address they used when registering for Social Profiles.

SellHack is an browser extension (Chrome for now) that uses magic and JavaScript to render a ‘HackIn’ button on a Social Profile’s member’s profile page next to the Connections, Message or InMail buttons below the profile picture (depending on your relationship to that person). The magic happens when you click the ‘HackIn’ button. You’ll notice the page slides down and our system starts checking publicly available data sources to return a confirmation of the person’s email address or our best guesses. I love getting an email verification, but even when we can’t verify the email address, SellHack still saves me a ton of time. I don’t have to manually create the different permutations of what the person’s email address could be (ryan@, ryano@, rodonnell@ etc). There is always an option to copy our best guesses to your clipboard where you are free to check these against Rapportive or send your intro email to the addresses we provide as BCC.

This is a beta version and best yet, it’s FREE. We’d love your feedback on how to make SellHack a more productive tool. Tweet us @sellhack or send a note to Support@sellhack.com.

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– The SellHack Crew